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Service Separation Projects (Underground Utilities)- Saudi Grains Organization

Shulat Albena Est. has executed three service separation projects, to separate the utilities between the governmental and the private sections for Saudi Grains Organization branches in Hail, Aljamoom, and Alqasim cities, to cater to the privatization of the mills sector, according to the 2030 vision.

The scope of work includes the execution of no. (5) underground water tanks with a capacity of (400-1000 m³) . In addition to the water supply and firefighting networks using HDPE with a total length of (11,000 L.M). Five full-furnished water pump rooms (electrical, diesel, jockey) with a capacity of 1000 gpm at 9 bar were also supplied and installed.

The work includes a total of 8 septic and irrigation tanks with a capacity of (400 m³) in addition to a sewage network system with a total length of (3,100 L.M); PVC Class 5 pipes were used for the network. The scope of work also encompassed the execution of MV and LV cabling network, CCTV, fire alarm, communication systems and suppling and installing distribution panel boards and substations. Asphalting roads, culvert box, sidewalks, and streetlighting were also part of the project. 

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