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Excution of a number of industrial projects for a group of cement factories, such as: Qassim Cement Factory, Hail Cement Factory, and Riyadh Cement Factory. As well as projects affiliated to the General Organization for Grains for its branches in Hail, Qassim and Jamoum.

Shulat Albena has recently implemented several projects for the Qassim Cement Factory Company, such as:

Bucket elevator project, including concrete foundation and structural modification works , supply and installation of the supportin steel tower to support the bucket elevator with a total weight of 105 tons, in addition to the manufacturing of the mechanical parts such as casing, buckets, air slides, .... and the installation of mechanical and electrical parts for the entire elevator and elevator and testing and commissioning.

The Foundation has also completed a concrete tunnel for MV cables with a total length of 220 linear meters tunnel, including lighting, ventilation and emergency exits.

In addition, the foundation participated in the works of cooler upgradation project within the shutdown works.

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